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Jon M Huntsman Hall
The Wharton School

Join us for the 12th annual BarCamp Philly for the most knowledge sharing, community building, and connection making that can be packed into a one-day unconference.

What is BarCamp?

BarCamp is an “unconference“ – a full day of up to 66 sessions, over 6 timeslots, in 11 rooms at Wharton's Huntsman Hall where attendees build the schedule the morning of the event. Sessions are given on a variety of topics, and the day is created collaboratively – built by the people, for the people.

How Does it Work?

If you arrive early, you'll see a big board with an empty grid, with times along one side and rooms along another. If you want to give a talk or host a session, you can write out a card with the talk name and details and hand it to a volunteer at the board, who will schedule your time. Getting there close to 8:15am to post your talk means more options. As the board fills up, attendees can start to see what's happening and when – and plan how they'll spend their day.

At 9:30, adding talks will be put on hold, and attendees and speakers alike will be able to vote by placing a sticker on the card of a talk they want to attend. The card with the most stickers will get a larger room with more seats – no talk will be kicked off the board, however. Fewer votes just means a smaller room for a more intimate conversation with the audience.

At 10, we'll kick off the day with opening remarks, send everyone on their way to the first session, and the board-building can resume, with new talks being added throughout the morning. You can come check out the board anytime, or access our digital schedule on any device to see the latest and greatest talk times and rooms.

Can I Give a Talk?

Of course! We encourage anyone interested in giving a talk to post their topic on the board. But giving a talk – whether it's your first year or your tenth – is not required. Most people are there to listen, learn and discuss in sessions and don't necessarily lead a session.

What Kind of Talks?

Topics vary from the technical (“Wordpress Child Themes”) to the inspiring (“Running: Not Just for the Zombie Apocalypse”). From practiced talks (“Designing for People”) to open discussions (“Nerds w/ Kids Roundtable”). Also, if you don't like the talk you're in, use the “rule of two feet” to get up and go to a different talk.

Want to see more? Check out last year's sessions.

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Sponsoring BarCamp Philly is a great way to support an educational community environment, foster learning and collaboration, as well as reach some of the most driven, creative, and tech-savvy people from the region.

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